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“JIAERKE” is the Chinese phonetic alphabet of the company name, which is in simple and steady typeface, symbolizing the struggle course of the steady development of JIAERKE. The logo above is designed focusing on the letter of “J” in “JIAERKE”, transformed into the shape of earth in an abstract form, and one star ring is added to constitute the main body of the Logo, which not only implies that JIAERKE is heading gradually towards internationalization and globalization but also symbolizes the enterprise spirit of JIAERKE, i.e., Solidarity, Striving, Truth-seeking, Innovation. The vivid letter “j” implies that JIAERKE will make unremitting efforts for human health positioning itself in international market.
The lake blue color in the Logo symbolizes the JIAERKE’s feelings of being tolerant to diversity, bright yellow color symbolizes the creative and proactive working attitude of JIAERKE staff.

Enterprise Spirit:
Solidarity, Striving, Truth-seeking, Innovation

Enterprise Mission:
Satisfy the customers, employees and the society

Enterprise Core Values:
Honesty—to be honest, upright and keep promise
Dedication—to fulfill one’s duties and make continuous improvement
Enterprise—to be upbeat and never give up
Win-win—to pull together and share together

Enterprise Vision
Build a top-ranking manufacture base for steroid drugs.

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