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 The Engineering Center has entered into good partnerships with Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University and Changzhou University to carry out a series of “Industry, Learning and Research” cooperative development and transform technological achievements. The universities have provided us with advanced technologies, while the Engineering Center offers the pre-production sites, strengthening the product R&D and engineering process. The center also joins hands with domestic well-known pharmaceutical companies in research and development of related medicines and learns their cutting-edge management concept, with the view of speeding up the R&D speed, improving the R&D level and cultivating the skills of R&D personnel.

 We sincerely welcome teams and individuals engaged in steroidal medicine development. The two sides can cooperate in the modes of Industry, Learning and Research, joint development, technology transfer and project contracting. Let’s complement each other’s advantages to realize our value and achieve common progress.
1. Foreign cooperation;
2. Domestic cooperation;
3. Research and development demands of a variety of cooperative subjects in “Industry, Learning and Research”.
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