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 The officials of Changzhou Federation of Trade Unions (CFTU) visited Jiaerke and inspected the performance of Union work at Jiaerke

Number of visits: Date:2016年4月20日 09:27

On March16th, a team of officials visited Jiaerke for investigation and survey towards the Union work in Jiaerke, including Mr. Xu Weinan, the Standing Committee Member of National People's Congress of Changzhou, Chairman & CCP Committee Secretary of Changzhou Federation of Trade Unions (CFTU), accompanied by Mr. Jiang Huarong, Chairman of CFTU Tianning District Branch, and officals from Zhenglu Township Government, who were warmly received by Mr. Jiang Helin, Chairman of Jiaerke Group, Mr. Cao Xingnan, CEO of Jiaerke Group, and Ms. Ren Xiangqin, Ms. Ren Xiangqin, Secretary of CCP Jiaerke Branch and Mr. Liu Xingyao, Union Chairman of Jiaerke.



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