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Morel Capsule

Morchella esculenta is a rare fungus for food and medicine and, because of its rugged surface of the conical CAP, resembles Morchella named. Developed and produced by the bacteria in our company Bao capsules of Morchella is China's sole Morel font size as raw materials of health food and health products. Its effective compatibility with Panax quinquefolium saponins of Morchella, made of Super Micro Technology. This product is rich in nutrients, including protein marking, carbohydrates, fat 8 kinds of essential amino acids, amino acid content of edible fungi of the first, in addition to containing several essential elements such as zinc marking, calcium, selenium and vitamins, is a high-nutrient, low-calorie health product. Modern medical research has shown that: Morchella increases immune function, fatigue resistance, aging resistance, resistance to chemotherapy, and hypoglycemic induced by lipid-and many other health benefits.
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 This product is based on Morel, of total saponins of Panax quinquefolium made of powder as raw material of health food, by functional experiments proved that this product has health function of immune regulation, resistance to fatigue.
"The main raw material" American ginseng total saponins of Morchella powder.
"Effectiveness of composition and content of" 100g include: total saponins of polysaccharides from 4.3G, 9.8g.
"Health care function" immune regulation, resistance to fatigue.
"Suitable crowds" immunocompromised persons, easy fatigue.
"Unsuitable crowds" children and adolescents.
"How to eat and the amount of food" 2 times a day, each time the 2~4 capsules, warm boiling water by swallowing.
"Specifications" 300mg/tablets.
"Shelf life" of 24 months.
"Storage method" cool and dry cleaning service.
"Note" this product is not a substitute for medication.
"Approval number" health food and health words (2000)
Fresh health card to Su Wei (2007) di320000-060045hao
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